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Our Mission

Our Mission:

To give confidence to those who are courageously fighting the battle against diabetes.  We want to empower these strong, unique individuals to take pride in their fight and in themselves, and to know they have a whole army of like-minded individuals behind them - we are in this together!


 About Us:

Wolf Diabetes was founded with the goal to aid the fight against diabetes by giving confidence and support to individuals fighting the disease, as well as giving financially to diabetes research for a cure.  We believe diabetes is just a disease, a hurdle in our lives, but it DOES NOT define us.  Our products aim to breed confidence in the end consumer, and 5% of our profits go straight to diabetes research.  Please help us in this fight by buying some of your favorite products for yourself or the loved ones in your life!


 About the founder:  


Our founder, Jake Marvin, has been a type 1 diabetic since age 8, and has been through all of the same struggles, peaks, and valleys as the diabetics and diabetic-lovers these products were made for.  Being an avid sport enthusiast, when diagnosed, Jake was worried he wouldn’t be able to continue his sports dreams in the same way as before.  Nineteen years later, Jake is still fighting and conquering his disease as a professional basketball player in Europe, as well as being an aspiring entrepreneur. 

As a church youth leader and Big Brother mentor, he knows the positive impact on children when they are given confidence in themselves, and he aims to give that confidence, as well as financial support, to those struggling with the disease who are going through the same battles he faced as a child.  He also had a great support system from his family growing up, and wants to encourage that same support to others impacted by the disease.  His great grandmother, father, and dog all have struggled with diabetes as well, so it truly is a family affair! 

Beside the profit donated back to diabetes research, he plans to use profits from Wolf Diabetes to start a nonprofit youth mentoring program to help aid children from single-parent families.  When stateside, he resides in Arvada, Colorado, and continues an active lifestyle full of enjoying the Colorado beauty, volunteering in the community, and working hard to grow the Wolf Diabetes brand.